Double Disc Refiner Deliveried for Zhejiang Paper Mill,Double Disc Refiner Supplier    

Double Disc Refiner Deliveried for Zhejiang Paper Mill

Leizhan provides high-efficiency and energy-saving pulping equipment to domestic and foreign paper mills. This time, Leizhan provides customer in Zhejiang with Double Disc Refiner. Double Disc Refiner is mainly used for improving pulp beating degree to meet paper production needs.


Double Disc Refiner is equipped with PLC control system, automatic disc advanced and retreat device. It has two outlets and one inlet to ensure uniform pulp distribution. And the material of the part in contact with pulp is 304 stainless steel.


On September 11, Leizhan shipped the Double Disc Refiner ordered by the customer and loaded it to Zhejiang. Hope it can be installed and put into use soon. Welcome to contact us if you are also interested in it. Email: