2024 Nanjing Tissue Paper International Exhibition,Leizhan Attend Living Paper Exhibition    

2024 Nanjing Tissue Paper International Exhibition

The exhibition, held in Nanjing, China, is a gathering of industry experts, manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers from around the world to exchange ideas, explore new technologies, and promote the latest trends in the tissue paper industry. Leizhan presented the cutting-edge products at the exhibition, including Agitator, Inflow Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Double Disc Refiner. They attracted a large number of customers, who were impressed by the quality and variety of products on display.


One of the highlights of Leizhan’s participation in the exhibition was the demonstration of their latest tissue paper machine manufacturing technology. The customers were amazed by the efficiency and precision of the machines, as well as the high quality of the final products.


Overall, Leizhan’s participation in the 31st Tissue Paper International Technology Exhibition in Nanjing was a great success. We were able to showcase our innovative products and technologies, connect with industry leaders and consumers, and reaffirm our position as a leading player in the tissue paper industry.
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