Chain Conveyor for Mexican Paper Mill

Mexico is a mature market that our company has been exploring for many years, and we have maintained cooperative relationships with the customer for many years. Since then, a paper mill in Mexico placed an order for a Chain Conveyor from our company.

Pulper and Pulping Machine for Guiyang Paper Mill

The efficiency of Leizhan's pulping machine is well-known in many paper mills at home and abroad. Countless customers come here and become our repeat customers. The pulper and pulping machine to be shipped this time are specially manufactured for paper mill in Guiyang.

Paper Mill Waste Paper Recycling Machine Delivery Site

Good news comes from Leizhan workshop again! Today, another batch of waste paper recycling machines from paper mill was sent to Hubei from Leizan. Customers’ continuous orders are the greatest affirmation and support for Leizhan paper mill machines!

Chain Conveyor and Agitator Sent to Hebei

There are Chain Conveyors and Agitators from our company will be sent to Hebei, which marks the recognition and trust of our products. We not only provide high-quality paper pulping machines, but also provide complete supporting accessories and services.

Pulping Equipment Shiiped to Sanhe Paper Industry

We are thrilled to announce that Sanhe Paper Industry has recently placed an order for Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, and cleaner from Leizhan. We are proud to be supplying them with these high-quality pulping equipment and supporting accessories.

Pulping Machine Delivery to GuangDong Paper Plant

Today a large number of pulping machines will be deliveried to Guangdong paper plant. Leizhan oversells various paper pulping machines with high efficiency and high quality. We are committed to providing customers with the best paper pulping machines.

Effective Vibrating Screen Shipped to Sichuan

Leizhan recently signed an effective Vibrating Screen purchase contract with Sichuan customer. This cooperation marks that the two parties will further strengthen strategic cooperation and jointly promote the high-quality development of the paper industry.

Guangxi Customer Purchase Inflow Pressure Screen

Guangxi Shengbao Paper and Leizhan officially signed a purchase contract for Inflow Pressure Screen in pulping equipment some time ago, which also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the cooperation between the customer and Lezhan.

Agitator for Guangxi Paper Company

Recently, a well-known paper cpmpany in Guangxi has chosen our Agitator to improve production efficiency and product quality. It is an affirmation of the quality of our products and services and a reflection of the results of our unremitting efforts.

Paper Mill Screening Machine Delivery Site

A paper mill in Xi'an recently reached an important cooperation agreement with Leizhan, regarding the signing of screening machines for the paper mill. The signing of this cooperation marks the deepening of the cooperative relationship between Leizhan and the customer!