Zhengzhou Customer Disc Filter Working Site,China Recycling Paper Making Machine    

Zhengzhou Customer Disc Filter Working Site


A customer in Zhengzhou ordered DF3800 disc filter for the paper pulping line. This machine is mainly used for white water recycling and able to reduce water consumption, reduce waste and pollution when white water is discharged. Special wear-resistant material distribution valve is with good sealing effect.

Main Data of DF3800 Disc Filter

Disc diameter: 3800mm
Disc numbers: 4-16
Inlet consistency: white water recovery: 0.2-0.6%, pulp thickened: 0.5-1.3%
Outlet consistency: white water recovery: 4-6%, pulp thickened: 4-14%


Disc filter has good economic and social benefits. Leizhan can provide disc filter with complete equipment models and specifications according to different output requirements. If you are interested in the machine, welcome to contact us for more details.

Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com