White Liner Paper Machine Production Line,White Liner Paper Machine in Paper Industry    

White Liner Paper Machine in Paper Industry

Once the mixture is ready, it is fed through a series of rollers and screens that remove any impurities and ensure that the paper is of the desired thickness and texture. The paper is then dried using heat and pressure to remove excess moisture and improve its strength and durability by the white liner paper machine. The white liner paper machine can coat the paper with a layer of white pigment and makes it more resistant to water and other external factors.


White Liner Paper Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc
Finish paper: kraft liner board paper, liner paper, etc.
Trimmed width: 3600mm
Basis weight: 50 – 120gsm
Production capacity: 75 – 100t/d
Working speed: 350m/min


In a word, the white liner paper machine is an essential piece of equipment for any company looking to produce high-quality packaging materials. By investing in a white liner paper machine, companies can improve their packaging capabilities, reduce costs, and enhance the overall quality of their products.
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