Vibrating Screen for Coarse Screen in Paper Industry,Vibrating Screen Made by Leizhan    

Vibrating Screen for Coarse Screen in Paper Industry

One of the primary functions of Vibrating Screens for coarse screening in paper industry is the removal of oversized contaminants from the pulp mixture. These contaminants can include plastic fragments, sticks, stones, and other non-fibrous materials that could compromise the quality of the final paper product. The vibrating motion of the screen helps to effectively separate these contaminants, ensuring a cleaner and more refined pulp mixture.


Another key advantage of Vibrating Screens in coarse screening is their ability to improve pulp flow and distribution across the screen surface. The vibratory motion of the screen helps to prevent clogging and uneven distribution of pulp, ensuring a consistent and uniform screening process. This Vibrating Screen enhanced pulp flow results in higher screening efficiency and productivity in the paper and pulp making process.


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