Supply Reliable and Durable Grapple for Paper Mill,Grapple in Corrugated Paper Making Line    

Supply Reliable and Durable Grapple for Paper Mill

Typically mounted on a rotating shaft inside the pulper barrel, the Grapple consists of robust arms or fingers that extend into the swirling pulp mixture. As the pulper barrel rotates, the grapple’s arms rake through the pulp, effectively trapping and extracting floating impurities. This continuous removal prevents these materials from interfering with the pulping process or causing downstream issues in the paper making stages.


Features of Grapple

1. Prevention of Equipment Damage: Lightweight materials can clog screens, damage refining equipment, or interfere with the consistency and quality of the pulp.
2. Improvement of Pulp Quality: By reducing contaminants, the Grapple helps maintain a higher standard of pulp cleanliness, which directly impacts the quality of the final paper product.
3. Operational Efficiency: Minimizing the presence of impurities enhances the overall efficiency of the pulping process, reducing downtime for maintenance and cleaning.


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