Sizing Machine for Paper Production,High Effcient Sizing Machine for Paper Industry    

Sizing Machine for Paper Production

In the modern paper industry, the sizing machine is a special piece of equipment used to glue paper pulp together to make the paper stable and strong. It plays a vital role in the paper production line, bringing us a variety of high-quality paper products. Leizhan designed a high-efficiency sizing machine through research.


The sizing machine achieves the bonding of paper by evenly applying adhesive to the surface of the paper pulp. Leizhan’s sizing machine can accurately control the thickness and uniformity of glue coating, thereby ensuring stable and consistent paper quality.


Leizhan’s sizing machine can achieve high-speed, continuous production and effectively improve production efficiency. It can adjust the glue flow rate and coating speed, and can adapt to the needs of different types and thicknesses of paper. Contact us for details. Email: