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Secure And Efficient Hydrapurger in Paper Industry

The Hydrapurger is specifically designed to remove unwanted materials from the pulp, including plastic, staples, tapes, and other contaminants that can degrade the paper quality if left unchecked. Hydrapurger operates through a combination of mechanical action and water-based separation techniques, making it versatile in handling various types of impurities encountered in the pulp.


The Hydrapurger works by using water jets and mechanical agitation to separate contaminants from the pulp suspension. At the same time, heavier contaminants are mechanically separated and discharged through specially designed outlets designed to capture these substances without affecting the pulp fibers. The Hydrapurger’s adjustable settings allow the operator to fine-tune its performance based on the specific pulp characteristics and type of contaminants present, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal fiber loss.


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