Screening Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen to Mexico,Pressure Screen for Paper Pulp    

Screening Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen to Mexico


A Mexican customer ordered an inflow pressure screen from Leizhan. We will send the inflow pressure screen and its accessories to Mexico on September 25th. Inflow pressure screen is an advanced paper pulp screening equipment in the world with good screening effect.

The Details of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. Used in the fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp, especially suitable as the net filter before paper machine.
2. With high screening quality, large capacity and low pulp flow pulse.
3. With automatic oil injection device and seal water detection alarm device.


Leizhan can provide a full set of waste paper conveying, pulping, paper making equipment. Please feel free to contact us for related questions if you have any needs.