Screening Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen to Hunan,High Quality Pressure Screen    

Screening Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen to Hunan

Hunan customer needs to add pulping machine to their pulping making line, Leizhan is their first choice for pulping machine. The main equipment ordered by them this time is inflow pressure screen. With a unique internal flow structure, inflow pressure screen has good homogenization effect, high production capacity, energy saving, and is a good screening equipment.

Deliveried Information of Hunan Customer

Ordered machine: Inflow pressure screen
Shipped data: Inflow pressure screen and supporting accessories
Shipped time: July 23, 2023


Our company will continue to pay attention to the installation and use to ensure the normal operation of this equipment. For more than 40 years, Leizhan has been focusing on the developing and manufacturing of pulping machine. If you are curious about pulping machine, welcome to consult us. Email address: