Refiner Equipment Delivered to Sichuan,Double Disc Refiner for Paper Pulp    

Refiner Equipment Delivered to Sichuan

Leizhan is a pulping equipment manufacturer and supplier that provides pulping equipment to paper making companies. Leizhan recently provided Double Disc Refiner to a customer in Sichuan. The Double Disc Refiner is a machine used to improve the impact of pulp and ensure the quality of pulp.


The Double Disc Refiner is one of Leizhan’s best-selling products. It is equipped with the automatic disc advanced and retreat device and has a very good refining effect. Moreover, it has an advanced single-in and double-out structure.


At present, the equipment ordered by Sichuan customer has been successfully delivered, and it is hoped that it can be installed and used as soon as possible. Leizhan provides a complete set of pulping equipment, please contact Leizhan if you need it. Email: