Pulper and Pulping Machine for Guiyang Paper Mill,Pulper and Pulping Machine in Paper Industry    

Pulper and Pulping Machine for Guiyang Paper Mill

This customer from Guiyang has already learned about our company’s pulping machine and pulper. They believed that our company’s pulping machine could perfectly meet their paper production needs, so they did not hesitate to place an order for the pulping machine and pulpers they needed. Leizhan has lived up to the expectations of the customer and is sending the equipment customer need to Guiyang without delaying customer’s normal use.


More Details

Order machine: Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, Vertical Pulper
Shipped machine: D Type Hydrapulper, Pressure Screen, Vertical Pulper
Shipped time: February 26, 2024


Our company’s pulping machine is quality guaranteed. No matter what problems arise, Leizhan guarantees to provide customers with the best after-sales service. Customers, please feel free to purchase our pulping machine! Welcome to contact us to learn more!
Email: whiteboardpapermachine@gmail.com