Paper Mill Calender for Paper Machine,Safe and Easy-to-use Calender in Paper World    

Paper Mill Calender for Paper Machine

Calender comes in various designs and configurations, but they generally consist of a series of rollers that apply pressure to the paper as it passes through the calender. The rollers can be heated to soften the paper fibers, allowing them to be flattened and compacted more effectively. In some cases, the rollers may also be equipped with a coating or embossing pattern to create specific textures or finishes on the paper surface.


One of the main benefits of using calenders in the paper production process is the improved surface quality of the finished product. By smoothing out any wrinkles or rough spots, calender can enhance the appearance of the paper and make it more appealing to consumers. Additionally, calender can improve the printability of the paper, as a smooth surface allows for sharper and more vibrant images to be printed.


In addition to surface quality, calenders can help improve the strength and durability of paper. If you have paper making needs, please feel free to contact us!