Paper Industry Machine Bale Breaker,Bale Breaker for Waste Paper Pulp Making Line    

Paper Industry Machine Bale Breaker

Leizhan’s Bale Breaker utilizes advanced technology to simplify and automate the waste paper bale crushing process. The machine is capable of handling different types and sizes of bale waste paper. With its high-speed operation, the Bale Breaker significantly reduces the time required for the crushing and selection process, thus increasing overall productivity.

More Details of Bale Breaker

Processing Capacity: 220-1500t/d
Nominal Diameter: 3000-4250mm
Motor Power: 18.5*2-45*2kw


Bale Breaker has a screening function that can screen out some impurities. Leizhan Company also has a lot of waste paper pulping equipment. Welcome to contact us for more equipment details. Email: