M.C. Pressure Screen in Pulp Making Process,Well-designed M.C. Pressure Screen    

M.C. Pressure Screen in Pulp Making Process

The M.C. Pressure Screen is equipped with the best screen basket in China, a cylindrical basket with holes of different sizes through which pulp can pass. The size and configuration of the perforations determine the screening efficiency and the quality of the pulp output. The rotor inside the screen basket rotates, creating pressure difference and stirring, which helps to screen out impurities. Foils mounted on the rotor enhance turbulence and improve screening efficiency.


The M.C. Pressure Screen plays an irreplaceable role in the pulp making process. It can be applied in processes such as coarse screening, fine screening and fiber fractionating screening. The M.C. Pressure Screen adopts an outflow structure with the rotor inside and the screen drum outside, which can control the pulping concentration to 0.15%-0.18%.


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