Low Density Cleaner in Paper Production Line,Important Pulping Machine Low Density Cleaner    

Low Density Cleaner in Paper Production Line

During the coarse screening process, the pulp containing heavy impurities is fed into the Low Density Cleaner through the tangential inlet, creating a swirling motion within the equipment. As the pulp circulates, heavier contaminants are forced towards the outer wall of the cleaner due to centrifugal force, while lighter materials move towards the center. The heavy impurities are then discharged through the reject outlet, leaving behind a cleaner pulp stream ready for further processing.


Benefits of Low Density Cleaner

1. Improved Efficiency: By effectively removing heavy impurities, low-density cleaners help reduce downtime caused by equipment damage and minimize the need for manual cleaning interventions.
2. Enhanced Product Quality: Cleaner pulp results in higher-quality paper products with fewer defects, leading to increased customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.
3. Cost Savings: Reduced maintenance costs, decreased downtime, and improved process efficiency contribute to overall cost savings for paper manufacturers using low-density cleaner technology.


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