Leizhan's Press Felt for Paper Production,Paper Making Felt of Paper Machine    

Leizhan’s Press Felt for Paper Production

Press felt plays an important role in removing moisture from the paper web after the forming section while imparting smoothness and transporting it to the dryer section. To do this, press felts need to have the following features: water removal, smoothness and runnability. Leizhan’s press felt uses the world’s most advanced press felt technology and has unparalleled performance.


Leizhan’s press felt has the characteristics of smooth surface, uniform air permeability, high air permeability, fine felt surface, soft felt body, easy installation, good resilience, high hygroscopicity, long service life and stable operation.


Leizhan’s press felts are always tailor-made according to the specifications and location of each paper machine: paper grade, ingredients, speed, size. Welcome to contact us to customize a press felt suitable for your paper machine. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com