Leizhan's Double Disc Refiner to Hebei,Refiner Equipment for Paper Making Project    

Leizhan’s Double Disc Refiner to Hebei

Leizhan’s professional team shipped goods to a paper industry in Hebei this time. The main equipment is Double Disc Refiner. The Double Disc Refiner is designed by Leizhan’s professional engineers and made of high-quality materials.

More Information of Double Disc Refiner

Disc diameter: 20-58mm
Range of op. consistency:3.5-6.0%
Min flow: 400-6000L/Min4%
Max flow: 2400-22000L/Min4%
Max power: 315-3000kw


Leizhan will continue to improve and strengthen the corporate brand, focus on pulping equipment, and actively improve product quality and services. If you have any questions please contact us. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com