Leizhan Company Pulping Machines to Guangdong,Paper Making Machine for Sale    

Leizhan Company Pulping Machines to Guangdong

Guangdong customer has chosen to cooperate with us under the influence of our company’s reputation for product quality. Leizhan will provide high-quality pulp making equipment for Guangdong customer. At present, these pulp making machines have been successfully delivered to the address provided by the customer.

More Details of Pulping Machines Ordered

Ordered equipment: Chain Conveyor, Cleaner, Double Disc Refiner, Inflow Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Agitator, Eccentric Pulper
Delivery equipment: Chain Conveyor, Cleaner, Vibrating Screen, Eccentric Pulper and supporting accessories


Leizhan Company has rich pulp equipment resources and experience, and can provide customers with comprehensive paper making solutions to help them achieve business growth and efficiency improvement. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com