High Quality Biological Tank Delivery Site,Low Price Pulper Machine for Paper Mill    

Leizhan’ Biological Tank Delivery Site


Our customer purchased pulping equipment from Leizhan. The main machines ordered include biotank, pulp pump, and frequency conversion control cabinet. The biotank is a new type of pulp machine developed by British scientist and manufactured by Leizhan. These machines have been shipped to the paper mill of our cumstomer.

Delivery Information

Deliveried date: April 23, 2023
Ordered Equipment: biotank, frequency conversion control cabinet and pulp pump
Deliveried Equipment: biotank, frequency conversion control cabinet, pulp pump and supporting accessories


Leizhan can provide complete pulp and paper making machine, and has a complete after-sales service system and customer service team, which can respond to customer needs in a timely manner and provide high-quality service. Contact us for details.

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