Large-Volume Kraft Paper Machine,Innovative and Efficient Kraft Paper Making Machine    

Large-Volume Kraft Paper Machine

At the heart of every kraft paper machine lies the principle of pulping, where wood fibers are broken down into a pulp mixture. This pulp is then refined, cleaned, and formed into sheets, which are subsequently dried and rolled into the final product. The kraft process, which involves cooking wood chips with chemicals like sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide, imparts kraft paper with its distinctive strength and brown color. The high throughput and reliability of kraft paper machines ensure stable output and increase profitability

Main Specification of Large-Volume Kraft Paper Machine

Daily capacity: 500tpd
Paper type: Kraft paper, packaging paper, T paper, liner paper
Trimmed width: 5900mm
Wire width: 5900mm
Gram weight: 80-200gsm
Gauge: 7000mm

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