Large Output Corrugated Paper Pulping Machine,Corrugated Paper Pulp Production Line    

Large Output Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Leizhan Company is a papermaking machinery company with mature technology and rich pulping experience. We provide a complete set of pulping equipment for papermaking projects of all sizes, especially large-capacity pulping lines. The following are the details of the pulping line of a large-output corrugated paper production project of one of Leizhan’s customers.

The Details of Corrugated Paper Pulping Machine

chain conveyor-D type hydrapulper-dump pulp pump-high density cleaner-pulp chest agitator-conical refiner-double disc refiner-reject separator-low density cleaner-M.C. pressure screen-inflow pressure screen


Leizhan Company’s pulping equipment is durable and has excellent performance, which improves the quality of pulp and thereby improves the quality of paper. If you want to set up a paper mill, please contact us for more equipment details. Email: