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Innovative Pulping Equipment–D Type Hydrapulper

In the paper manufacturing industry, pulping is a crucial process. As an industry leader, Leizhan Company has designed a pulping equipment: D Type Hydrapulper. D Type Hydrapulper is based on hydraulic pulping technology and can quickly and evenly break various pulp boards, broken paper and waste paper into waste paper pulp.


D Type Hydrapulper adopts a new energy-saving rotor to enhance hydraulic circulation and fiber relief. The D-shaped structure can change the flow ways of the pulp and make the contact between the pulp and the rotor more frequent. Moreover, D Type Hydrapulper is equipped with an automatic slag discharge device, making the operation more convenient.


D Type Hydrapulper is a flagship product of Leizhan Company. Leizhan has more pulping machines. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us for more details. Email: