Inflow Pressure Screen Shipped for Jiangxi Customer,Inflow Pressure Screen for Paper Mill    

Inflow Pressure Screen Shipped for Jiangxi Customer

The pulping equipment shipped this time is Inflow Pressure Screen, which a paper mill in Jiangxi ordered from Leizhan. Inflow Pressure Screen is one of the equipments that Leizhan has received the highest praise rate. It is mainly placed in front of the headbox and used in the approaching flow system before paper machine.


It is a continuous screening equipment with pressure in a completely enclosed state. During operation, the pulp enters the outside of the screen basket from the pulp inlet along the tangential direction. With the help of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen basket, qualified pulp enters the screen basket through the screen slot under the action of pressure, and is discharged from accepted pulp pipe at the bottom.


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