Inflow Pressure Screen of Screening Equipment, Pressure Screen for Sale    

Inflow Pressure Screen of Screening Equipment

Leizhan Company recently developed Inflow Pressure Screen, a pulping equipment used in the paper pulp making. This equipment has higher screening efficiency and lower energy consumption, greatly improving the production efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction of the paper industry.

Advantages of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. Internal flow structure, low pulse, better homogenization effect.
2. Most of the parts are imported, and the screen basket adopts the best one in China.
3. The inner wall is polished to achieve seamless connection of the flow pipes without pulp hanging.


In addition to Inflow Pressure Screen, Leizhan Company also introduces many advanced pulping equipment, such as Drum Pulper, M.C. Pressure Screen and High Density Cleaner. Welcome to contact us for more equipment details. Email: