Inflow Pressure Screen for Sale,Inflow Pressure Screen for Paper and Pulp Machine    

Inflow Pressure Screen for Sale

Inflow pressure screen is a relatively advanced pulp screening equipment in the modern world. Inflow pressure screen is mainly used for fine screening of various chemical pulp and waste paper pulp, and is also used for fine screening various types of paper pulp in the flow conveying system in front of the wire.

Main Features of Inflow Pressure Screen

1.It adopts double-end mechanical seal and can continuously screen under pressure in a completely enclosed state.
2. The rotor rotates outside the screen drum, so that heavy impurities flow away from the screen drum and will not block the screen seams.
3.Automatic oil injection device, seal water detection alarm deviceensure the safe running of equipment and reduce maintenance.


Leizhan is a professional provider of pulping equipment. In addition to inflow pressure screen, we also have other screening equipment such as middle consistency pressure screen, drum screen and energy-saving pressure screen to meet various screening needs of customers.