Household Paper Pulp Making Line in Afghanistan,Pulping Machine for Household Paper    

Household Paper Pulp Making Line in Afghanistan

Leizhan is a professional pulp and paper equipment supplier that can provide design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a complete set of pulp equipment required for paper making projects. The following is the pulping solution provided by Leizhan for a household paper project of a customer in Afghanistan.


Leizhan provided Pulper, Roller bale opening conveyor, Cleaner, Agitator, Refiner, Pressure screen, and Vibrating screen for this household paper project. Through the cooperation of Leizhan Company and our customer, the project has been successfully put into production.


Leizhan Company’s advanced pulping equipment can ensure the customer to produce high-quality household paper products. Do you want to produce household paper? Feel free to contact us for suitable pulping solutions. Email: