Highly Productive 2500mm Fluting Paper Machine,Corrugated Paper Making Line    

Highly Productive 2500mm Fluting Paper Machine

Leizhan Company’s 2500mm fluting paper machine has strong production capacity and can meet the large demand for fluting paper in the market. This paper machine uses waste paper and a small amount of wood pulp to produce large rolls of fluting paper, ensuring reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Main Information of 2500mm Fluting Paper Machine

Paper Making Quantity:100-250g/m²
Net paper width:2500mm
Headbox lip width:2800mm
Designed speed:300m/min
Working speed:150-280m/min


This machine adopts the most advanced headbox technology, which can accurately and evenly distribute paper material across the machine width. Leizhan provides various scales paper machine. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com