High Performance Paper Mill Machine D Type Hydrapulper,Paper Pulping Project D Type Hydrapulper    

High Performance Paper Mill Machine D Type Hydrapulper

As a vital link in the pulping process, the performance of the pulper is directly related to the efficiency and product quality of paper making production. Traditional D Type Hydrapulpers have problems such as high energy consumption, serious dust pollution, and high maintenance costs when processing fibers, which seriously restrict the development of the paper industry. Our new D Type Hydrapulper can perfectly solve these problems.


Features of D Type Hydrapulper

1. D Type Hydrapulper is suitable for all raw materials, forced crushing, and the crushing capacity is very efficient.
2. It has a simple structure, few parts and low maintenance costs, which reduces the company’s operating costs and downtime.
3. The distance between the screen plate and the rotor can be adjusted to fully ensure the pulping efficiency.


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