High-grade Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine,Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine for Paper Industry    

High-grade Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine

The toilet paper manufacturing machines have advanced production processes and technologies, which can achieve high-speed production and greatly improve production efficiency. Secondly, they use high-quality raw materials and environmentally friendly production processes to ensure the quality and environmental protection of toilet paper products. In addition, they also have intelligent control systems that can realize automated production, reduce labor costs and production errors, and improve production efficiency and product consistency.

Main Specification

Paper type: High grade tissue paper, napkin paper
Raw material: Commodity wood pulp
Capacity: 25t/d
Productivity ratio: 13-25g/㎡
Net paper width: 2850mm
Working speed: 550-600m/min
Design speed: 600m/min
Driving type: AC frequency conversion sectional drive

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