High-Grade Household Paper Machine Project,Household Paper Machine in Paper Making Industry    

High-Grade Household Paper Machine Project

The high-grade household paper machine utilizes precision engineering and innovative design to ensure optimal output while minimizing environmental impact. Capable of efficiently producing household paper products. And household paper machine is adaptable to various paper grades and sizes to meet different market needs.


Household Paper Machine Main Specification

1. Paper type: toilet paper, household paper
2. Net width: 3600mm
3. Basis weight: 14-30gsm
4. Design speed: 200m/min
5. Working speed: 140-180m/min
6. Nissan: 13-21.7tpd
7. Track gauge: 4500mm
8. Transmission mode: AC
9. Power: 62.5KW
10. Size: 14.8*6.7*5.8m
11. Weight: 66t


Leizhan’s dedication to innovation is evident in every aspect of the household paper machine. Continuous research and development ensure that the machine remains at the forefront of technological advancement, providing customers with a competitive edge in the global marketplace.
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