High Density Cleaner Needed by Paper Mill,High Density Cleaner in Kraft Paper Making Line    

High Density Cleaner Needed by Paper Mill

The High Density Cleaner is a specialized equipment employed in the paper pulp preparation phase, specifically tasked with the removal of dense contaminants such as staples, stones, glass, and other heavy debris. High Density Cleaner operates on the principle of density separation, leveraging the differences in specific gravity between pulp fibers and contaminants to achieve optimal cleaning results.


Operational Significance

Quality Improvement: By effectively removing heavy impurities, the cleaner enhances the quality and purity of the pulp, thereby improving the final product’s strength and appearance.

Equipment Protection: Removal of abrasive materials such as stones and glass protects downstream equipment from damage, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Process Efficiency: Streamlining the pulp cleaning process contributes to overall efficiency gains, ensuring consistent production outputs while minimizing waste.


High Density Cleaners are needed by paper mills, and paper mills cannot do without High Density Cleaners. If you are engaged in paper making, welcome to learn about our company’s pulping equipment!
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