H.C. Hydrapulper for Waste Paper Recycling,H.C. Hydrapulper for Tissue Paper    

H.C. Hydrapulper for Waste Paper Recycling


H.C. Hydrapulper is mainly used for the separation of waste paper and ink under high consistency in the waste paper deinking process. White waste paper or waste paper cups as material, the machine is used for the making line of cultural paper and tissue paper.

Feature of H.C. Hydrapulper

1.The tower-shaped spiral rotor can effectively promote the circulation and rollover of the pulp, and has a strong defibering ability.
2.Disintegrating slurry under high consistency condition, saving chemicals.
3.Gentle pulp, small impurity breakage, high deinking efficiency.
4.Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.


H.C. Hydrapulper adopts intermittent pulping. In the continuous pulping system, it is used in conjunction with hydrapurger and drum screen, etc. If you are interested in pulping machine or need to set a new tissue paper or cultural paper production line, please contact Leizhan, useful suggestions can be offered by our professional technician. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com