Guangxi Customer Purchase Inflow Pressure Screen,Inflow Pressure Screen is Sold to Paper Mill    

Guangxi Customer Purchase Inflow Pressure Screen

In this cooperation, Guangxi customer purchase the Inflow Pressure Screen as their pulping equipment, and Leizhan have completed the loading of the Inflow Pressure Screen and have sufficient required accessories. We are about to set off to deliver the Inflow Pressure Screen ordered by our customer. We firmly believe that the timely delivery and installation of the equipment will provide strong support for the production of Guangxi Shengbao Paper.

Advantage of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. The screen basket stands as a testament to top-notch Chinese craftsmanship. Equipped with NSK bearings imported from Japan, and a double-face mechanical seal sourced from the United States, it ensures unparalleled durability and reliability. This mechanical seal serves a crucial role in safeguarding the bearings; even if one face is damaged, the other remains fully operational, ensuring continuous functionality.
2. The automatic oil injection device, sourced from Korea, seamlessly adds oil to the bearings without manual intervention. Its intuitive design allows for effortless monitoring from the exterior, ensuring optimal lubrication regardless of oil levels. Additionally, the automatic water device, hailing from Finland, serves to safeguard the mechanical seal, maintaining its integrity and functionality.

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