Full Set of Pulping Equipmennt for Cardboard Paper,Machines for Waste Paper Recycling    

Full Set of Pulping Equipmennt for Cardboard Paper

Recently, Leizhan has reached a strategic cooperation with a company in Henan. Leizhan will provide a complete set of pulping equipment for the company’s high-end cardboard paper and T paper projects. As an regular customer of the company, Henan customer highly recognizes Leizhan’s technology and services in the field of pulp preparation.

Information about Full Set of Pulping Equipmennt

Main Machines:
Commercial pulp boards line: conveying equipment, Mid-consistency hydrapulper, HD high density cleaner, RF energy-saving refiner
Recycled waste paper line: conveying equipment, 127m³ high-efficiency hydraulic pulper system, high density cleaner, JNS energy-saving coarse screen system, NLS inflow pressure screen, JB agitator


Leizhan Company has always been committed to providing customers with the most advanced pulp processing line equipment to help them achieve efficient and sustainable pulp preparation. Welcome to contact us for coopertaion. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com