Full set of Equipment for Kraft Paper Project,Waste Paper Recycling Machines    

Full set of Machine for Kraft Paper Project

Leizhan has mature technology and rich experience in the field of waste paper pulping, and can customize suitable pulping solutions according to customers’ pulping requirements. The following is the details of the pulping equipment provided by Leizhan for a customer’s 70-ton kraft paper project.

The Details of Full set of Equipment for Kraft Paper

D type hydrapulper—High consistency cleaner—Mid consistency coarse screen—Reject separator—Mid consistency fine screen—Low consistency cleaner—Double disc refiner—Inflow pressure screen


Leizhan has a professional team that can provide suitable paper pulp production lines, such as tissue paper, kraft paper and corrugated paper. If you want to develop a paper production line, welcome to contact us. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com