Flotation Deinking Machine for Pulp Making Equipment,Flotation Deinking Machine for Sale    

Flotation Deinking Machine for Pulp Making Equipment

Flotation deinking machine is suitable for flotation deinking of various waste paper at home and abroad, and while removing ink, some light stickies and impurities can be significantly removed.

Features of Flotation Deinking Machine

1. High efficient flotation, high deinking consistency, less fiber loss.
2. Small footprint, easy maintenace, simple operation and control.
3. Low power consumption, less occupied area.


Flotation deinking machine is a very important equipment in the waste paper pulping system to ensure the purity of pulp. Leizhan also provides other machines to improve the cleanliness of pulp, Contact us to learn more information. Email address: buypapermachine@gmail.com