Fine Screening Equipment Heavy Impurity Cleaner,Heavy Impurity Cleaner in Paper Making Process    

Fine Screening Equipment Heavy Impurity Cleaner

The Heavy Impurity Cleaner is a very efficient and closed fine screening equipment used to remove heavy impurities from various pulp in the paper making process. Heavy Impurity Cleaner operates on the principle of density separation. They utilize centrifugal force to separate heavier impurities from the pulp mixture, ensuring that only clean pulp advances further into the papermaking process.


The features of Heavy Impurity Cleaner is the versatility in handling various types of pulp and impurities. Whether it’s recycled paper pulp or virgin pulp, these cleaners can effectively remove heavy contaminants, thus accommodating different production requirements. Additionally, advancements in technology have led to the development of cleaner designs capable of handling higher pulp consistencies and throughput rates, further improving operational efficiency.


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