Enhancing Paper Pulp Quality with High Density Cleaner,Cleaner for Pulping Machine    

Enhancing Paper Pulp Quality with High Density Cleaner

The production of high-quality paper requires efficient removal of impurities and contaminants from the pulp. This critical step ensures the strength and texture of the final product. High Density Cleaner designed and produced by Leizhan Company solves this problem very well. High Density Cleaner is used to remove various heavy impurities in pulp

Main Details of High Density Cleaner

1. It occupies a smaller area and is more convenient to operate.
2. It has two slag discharge methods: manual slag discharge and automatic slag discharge.
3. It is equipped with the PLC control cabinet for easy control and more efficient slag discharge.


Leizhan’s High Density Cleaner is at the forefront of advanced technology to improve pulp quality. Leizhan’s paper making machinery and equipment can meet the diverse needs of paper manufacturers. Contact us for details. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com