Elevating Pulp Quality Machine M.C. Pressure Screen,Pressure Screen for Sale    

Elevating Pulp Quality Machine M.C. Pressure Screen

In the complex world of paper making, the pursuit of excellent pulp quality never ends. Leizhan Company is the leader in innovative solutions in the paper making industry. The mid-consistency pressure screen is one of the innovative pulping equipment launched by Leizhan Company.


M.C. Pressure Screen is a multifunctional screening equipment used for coarse screening, fine screening and classification screening. In addition, its design structure and materials are its advantages. Its base is formed in one piece to ensure stability during operation. Most of its materials are processed from high-quality parts imported from abroad.


M.C. Pressure Screen is a powerful tool developed by Leizhan Company to improve the quality of pulp. Leizhan Company also has more equipment to improve the pulping effect. Welcome to contact us to learn more. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com