Drum Screen of Paper Pulping Machine,Cost of Paper Manufacturing Machine    

Drum Screen of Paper Pulping Machine

Drum Screen is mainly used to remove larger light impurities in waste paper pulp. Drum Screen consists of a screen drum, a box, a gear speed motor and a water spray pipe system. Under the action of gravity, the good pulp is discharged from the good pulp port through the screen holes, and the light impurities are transported to the tail of the screen drum by the spiral blades in the screen drum and discharged.

Drum Screen Information

Diameter of Screen Hole: Ø6、 Ø8 、Ø10、 Ø12mm
Passing Capacity: 5000-12000 L/min
Diameter of Screen: Ø1000-Ø2000mm
Motor Power: 4-11KW


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