Drum Pulper for Paper Mill from Henan,Drum Pulper of Waste Paper Pulp Making Line    

Drum Pulper for Paper Mill from Henan

A customer from Henan purchased drum pulper for their new paper making production line. Leizhan’s engineers designed the suitable drum pulper according to the customer’s requirements again, which has been deliveried to the paper mill and put into production. Drum pulper is mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency. The following are its detailed feature.

Main Feature of Drum Pulper

1. Gentle pulping with low damage to impurities and high effciency of deslagging reduce the following equipment burden.
2. High pulping efficiency, saving labor expenses.
3. Few wearing parts, low maintenance cost.


Zhengzhou Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of waste paper pulping and paper making machinery. We have many excellent pulping equipment such as drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, high consistency hydrapulper, etc. If you have any needs, welcome to consult us for details.

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