Double Disc Refiner for Paper Pulp Making,Mechanical Pulp Refiner,Paper Refiner Machine    

Double Disc Refiner for Paper Pulp Making


Sichuan customer purchased the refining equipment double disc refiner from our company Leizhan after having an in-depth understanding of Leizhan. The machine has been installed and put in production line. The double disc refiner is mainly used for pulping, improving slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs. Its features are as follows.

Main Features of Double Disc Refiner

1. Adopt constant power control system, beating effect is stable.
2. Single in and double out, ensure uniform pulp distribution.
3. Adopt automatic disc advanced and retreat device, easy to control, the beating effect is good.


Zhengzhou Leizhan provides a variety of high quality equipment for waste paper pulping line such as pulper, refiner, cleaner, pressure screen, etc. If you need pulping machine, welcome to contact Leizhan for more information.

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