Doctor Holder Provided by Paper Company,Doctor Holder for Paper Machine Equipment    

Doctor Holder Provided by Paper Company

In the paper making process, after the pulp passes through a screen to drain excess water, it needs to be removed by a doctor blade to remove excess fibers from the surface, and then it is dried and processed to form paper. The function of the Doctor Holder is to control the intensity and effect of fiber scraping by adjusting the position and angle of the doctor blade.


The design of the Doctor Holder needs to take into account the characteristics of different types of pulp, the requirements of paper of different thicknesses, as well as factors such as production efficiency and equipment life. And our Doctor Holder needs to be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to ensure long-term stable operation.


In general, as an important part of the paper machine, the Doctor Holder plays a key role in the quality and efficiency of paper production. We must choose the right company and the right product to produce good paper. Welcome to contact us at any time to learn about our company’s products.