Disc Thickener for Pulp Making Process,Energy Efficient Disc Thickener in Paper Industry    

Disc Thickener for Pulp Making Process

A Disc Thickener is a device that uses dynamic centrifugal force to separate liquid from a mixture. In the paper making industry, disc concentrators are used to separate solid particles and liquids in low consistency pulp, concentrate solid particles in wastewater into recyclable raw materials, improve the reuse rate of wastewater, and reduce wastewater discharge.


The Disc Thickener separates the solid and liquid particles in the mixture through different directions of the rotating spiral. The solid particles are deposited on the walls of the Disc Thickener under the action of centrifugal force to form pulp, while the liquid passes through the Disc Thickener. The outlet at the bottom discharges. By continuously supplying and discharging liquid, the Disc Thickener can realize continuous processing of low consistency pulp and achieve concentration effect.


The Disc Thickener has the advantages of being difficult to clog, simple to operate, and large in processing capacity when processing low consistency pulp. At the same time, the Disc Thickener can also be adjusted according to different process requirements to meet the processing needs of different types of low consistency pulp.
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