Disc Thickener for Paper Pulping Equipment,Paper Mill Machine for Disc Thickener    

Disc Thickener for Paper Pulping Equipment

Disc Thickener is mainly used for dehydration and concentration of mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp and other pulp with low freeness, short fiber or high concentration. Disc Thickener is different from the traditional multi-disc vacuum filter. It has the advantages of easy operation, high degree of automation and high production efficiency.

Disc Thickener Information

Filter diameter: 2500mm
Filter area: 7.5 m2
Capacity: 0.8~3 t/m2×d
Inlet consistency: 0.3~2%
Outlet consistency: 3~5%


Disc Thickener is pulping equipment designed by Leizhan Company based on many years of experience in designing and manufacturing pulping equipment, which is helpful to enhance the competitiveness of paper mills. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com