Delivery Site of Pulping Equipment to Qinyang,OCC Pulp Making Line Machine    

Delivery Site of Pulping Equipment to Qinyang

Zhengzhou Leizhan is a professional paper pulping equipment supplier. This time, Leizhan cooperates with a paper mill in Qinyang, and Leizhan will provide it with a complete set of pulping equipment. These pulping machines were successfully distributed on November 17.

Delivery Details of Pulping Equipment

Ordered machine: Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, Hydrapurger, Drum Screen, Ragger, Rope Cutter, Grapple, Cleaner, Energy-saving Pressure Screen, Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator, Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen
Delivered machine: Chain Conveyor,Trash Well and supporting accessories


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