D Type Hydrapulper of Waste Paper Pulping Line,Recycled Waste Paper Pulp Machine    

D Type Hydrapulper of Waste Paper Pulping Line

Our brand is known by many paper mills in Russia. This time, Russian customers need to increase new machine. Their first choice is Leizhan with various machine and high quality. The main equipment ordered by the customer this time is D type hydrapulper. It is mainly used to shred various pulp board, broken paper and various waste paper.

The Details of Machine Deliveried to Russia

Delivried time: July 30, 2023
Ordered machine: D type hydrapulper
Delivried data: D type hydrapulper and supporting accessories


VOKES rotor deviates from the center and makes the paper stock and rotor connect more rapidly and a high frequency. Leizhan provides various pulping machine for paper mills, if you also want to set up a paper mill, please consult us for details. Email address: buypapermachine@gmail.com