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D Type Hydrapulper in Pulping Process

The D Type Hydrapulper in pulping process forces pulp breakdown through a combination of mechanical action and hydraulic force. As raw materials are introduced into the machine, the high-speed rotor generates intense agitation within the pulping chamber, effectively disintegrating the fibers and facilitating the separation of contaminants. The unique design of the D Type Hydrapulper ensures that the pulp is thoroughly macerated, leading to a uniform and homogenous pulp consistency ideal for subsequent processing stages.


Feature of D Type Hydrapulper

1. Robust Construction: The D Type Hydrapulper is built to withstand the rigorous demands of continuous operation, featuring a sturdy frame and high-quality components that ensure long-term reliability.
2. Efficient Mixing: The machine’s design promotes efficient mixing of pulping materials, ensuring consistent fiber disintegration and uniform pulp quality throughout the process.
3. Adjustable Parameters: Operators can fine-tune various parameters such as rotor speed, retention time, and consistency to optimize the pulping performance based on the specific requirements of the raw materials being processed.


As a cornerstone of modern pulping processes, the D Type Hydrapulper continues to drive innovation and excellence in the production of high-quality pulp and paper products.
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